Your Parish Councillors and what we do

The Parish Council of Laxton and Moorhouse are voted into office every four years. Your Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors which include the Chairman and Vice Chairman together with the addition of the Parish Clerk. We meet every two months on the fourth Wednesday of  the month. Our 2023 meeting schedule may be viewed here

2023 meeting schedule Revised

Here you can find names and contact detail of each of your Councillors:

Simon Hill


Jem Hill

Vice Chair

Catherine Wilson

Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Email address:

Stuart Rose



Dave Sheard


Anna Moorhouse


Mark Hennell


Rebecca Creighton


Our responsibilities are as follows:

(a) Chair – Mr S Hill

(b) Vice-Chair – Mr J Hill

(c) Defibrillator inspection councillor – Mr J Hill

(d) Accounts scrutineer – Ms A Moorhouse

(e) Parish Council Representatives on other village organisations:

  • Safer Neighbourhood Group – Mr S Hill

(f) Flood contact – Mr D Sheard

(g) Property manager – Mr D Sheard