Future of the open field system

Following Sir John Starkey’s presentation on 23 January 2018, which was attended by an estimated 100 people, the public meeting confirmed its support for pursuing to the next stage the possibility of the ownership and control of Laxton passing from the Crown Estate to the village itself. This new and radical system of ownership would allow the whole community to preserve, develop and capitalise on Laxton’s unique farming heritage.

At the parish council meeting which followed the presentation, we, your councillors and democratically elected representatives, unanimously agreed to support and pursue the proposed course of action. We believe that this is a hugely exciting opportunity not only to preserve what our community has now but for the whole community to thrive and prosper for the long term.

In essence, the next stage is to raise the funds which will be required to undertake concrete steps to explore the viability of a new community based system of ownership and to undertake those investigations. With the authority of the public meeting and the parish council’s support, the next stage can begin.